NK Jongleren 2020

vom 3. Januar 2020 bis 5. Januar 2020

Ansprechpartner: Merel Coppens info@nkjongleren.nl


Wo: Dalfsen (NL), De trefkoele plus

2020 Open Dutch Juggling Championships

New year, new titles! Compete in 6 categories or the new Best Trick Battle to claim a title, honour, dignity and overall greatness. :)
Whether it's balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, passing or act, you can join to beat the best! Get feedback to improve your juggling, or get inspired by other participants.

Juggle in the 24-hour juggling hall, hang out at the bar, watch your friends on stage, compete in fight night, clap, cheer, there's enough fun to be had, even if you're not competing.

More info: www.nkjongleren.nl